Silo Cleaning Systems

Silo Cleaning Systems

The BinWhip is the most effective tool for unclogging bins, hoppers and silos in the grain, feed and cement industries.

Pneumat Systems developed the hydraulic BinWhip in 1987 to give our customers the power and performance they demand. The unique design of the BinWhip allows for the equipment to be operated from the bin top, eliminating the hazards and paperwork that confined space entry involves. The portable BinWhip helps you to reclaim valuable inventory safely, so you can get more product moving.



Bin Whip is hydraulically powered and does not require air. Only food grade hydraulic oil is used. Unlike other compressed air systems that lack power and create dust problems, BinWhip is extremely powerful, lightweight, portable, and safe.

Used throughout the world by a wide array of customers like Cargill, ADM, Cemex, Holcim and many others, the BinWhip has helped companies large and small solve their tough industrial clean out situations.

No matter what bulk commodity you work in, the BinWhip can be the most effective tool in your flow arsenal.
•    Effective on vessels of all sizes
•    Restores storage to 100% capacity*
•    Hydraulically powered (no plant air required)
•    Speed and direction of cleaning head rotation is adjustable and reversible
•    Fully portable and easily movable from bin to bin, or plant to plant
•    The safest bin and silo cleaning solution on the market