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We provide support for all kinds of machinery and systems supply, from personal protective equipment to be used in your facilities in underground mines, open pits and tunnels, to idealizing mine environmental conditions, product acquisition, personnel tracking, gallery opening, longwall equipment, ventilation solutions, especially for underground coal mines.  

My Products and Servicestrace:

  • Flame Proof Electrical Equipment

  • Ventilation Systems Design and Supply; Fan, Vantube

  • Head Lamps and Individual Oxygen Rescue Masks

  • Gas measurement, Personnel and Equipment Tracking Systems

  • Steel, Hydraulic and Mechanized Fortification Systems

  • Coal Mining Mechanized Preparation and Production Equipment

  • Underground Transportation Systems; Monorail, Kulikar, Shunting Trolley

  • Underground Metal Mining Preparation and Production Equipment; Truck, digger, driller, etc. services.

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