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Material Transfer

As the Material Transfer Department; Our primary goal is to ensure that the products transferred by conveyor belts in industrial facilities reach the process points within the facility without loss and without any problems. In this regard, we conduct on-site inspections and prepare a technical report with our experienced engineer staff in order to detect the problems experienced in the conveyor belts. We carry out maintenance and repair works in determined periods depending on working conditions, and provide the necessary products and spare parts. In addition to the products we distribute, we also offer solution partnerships with our domestically produced products. Main; belt cleaners, impact bearings, centralizers, etc. We supply all conveyor accessories, including our business partners, who are the world's leading companies in their field. And also; With our strong service network, we also provide assembly services for the products we sell all over Turkey. Moreover; We offer belt vulcanization, on-site belt repair and drum coating services.

Our Services and Products

Tape Splicing Systems.jpg

Mechanical Belt Fastening Systems

Impact Bed_edited.jpg

Impact Beds Systems

Anti-Adhesion Plate_edited.jpg

The Product For Trouble-Free Material Flow

High Quality Repair.jpg

High Quality Belt Repair Method

Belt Scrapers.jpg

Belt Cleaning Systems

Turning Point Sidewall Tires_edited.jpg

Skirt Rubber Systems

Silo Cleaning Systems_edited.jpg

Silo Cleanout System

Vulcanization Systems_edited.jpg

Vulcanizing Equipments

Tape Centerers_edited.jpg

Belt Positioners and Trainers

Conveyor Belt Accessories.jpg

Belt Accessories

Dust Control-Suppression System_edited.jpg

Dust Suppression Systems

Drum Coating_edited.jpg

Conveyor Pulley Lagging

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