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Since its inception, the ANKER® Wire Hook System has

earned a reputation for continued innovation and proven

performance. ANKER® wire hooks have been designed with

a variety of different wire diameters, leg and point lengths,

metals, strip lengths and styles, such as carded and

welded bar. All are readily available to meet your individual

application needs.

The double-staggered grip pattern gives wire hooks

exceptional holding power without degrading the integrity

of the belt carcass. Today’s splices also have a very low

profile, making them increasingly more compatible with

conveyor components and compliant with the need for

reduced operating noise.

Typical industries for wire fasteners include:

• Package and parts handling

• General manufacturing

• Commercial laundry

• Food processing

• Agriculture

• Filter media


Kaynaklı Çubuk Kancalar (A Serisi™)

Welded Bar Hooks (A Series™)

ANKER® A Series™ fasteners are

formed by welding each ANKER® hook

to a common bar.

• Welded bar creates a stable strip of fasteners to

eliminate damage during handling.

• Safety Strip covers the hook points to protect

fingertips, yet easily removed prior to lacing.

• Hook legs are held parallel to simplify

“meshing” of belt ends and the insertion of

connecting pins.

• The risk of a single hook disengaging is

significantly reduced, particularly important in

the food industry.

• The welded bar creates a flat, finished splice so

belt “wave” is eliminated.

• Under abusive applications, A Series spreads

shock loads to protect individual hooks.

A Series fasteners can be easily cut to the

appropriate length, or ordered in special lengths

up to 1500 mm. They are not recommended for

bias splices, troughed belts where common bar

breakage is a concern, and where special metals

are required.

Carded Hooks

Individual ANKER®

hooks are secured on

carding paper.

• Works with

any application,

including bias splices and

troughed belt applications.

Available in a wide variety of metals and sizes.

G Series™ Lacing

ANKER® G Series™ Lacing is

precision-stamped belt lacing

from AISI 316 stainless steel,

ensuring a consistent 4.00

mm pitch over the entire

length of the lace. The

staggered leg geometry features four

alternating point levels between the top and bottom

of the lace which provides varying points of

penetration versus a continuous line, increasing

the strength and durability of the splice.

G Series is machine-applied for consistent compression,

resulting in a uniform and flat splice,

even with belts that are prone to belt wave. Corrugated

stainless steel connecting pins prevent

migration during use.

Fastener Selection Guidelines

Specify the Right ANKER® Fastener

1. Measure belt thickness.

Use micrometer or caliper to measure belt thickness. If the belt

has an impression cover, skive cover 25 mm back from belt end

prior to measuring. Do not cut belt carcass.

2. Measure pulley diameter.

The minimum pulley diameter is the smallest pulley that has a

belt wrap of at least 90°.

3. Determine hook choices.

Referring to the chart on page 4, locate belt thickness on top of

the chart and minimum pulley diameter on the left side. Using

the matrix, determine the hook sizes most appropriate for your

application. Do not select hooks that specify a larger minimum

pulley – the leg length will be too long, causing leg fatigue and

premature failure.

4. Select hook wire diameter.

Hooks are produced in various wire diameters. A splice made

from a smaller wire diameter is quieter and wears less as it

contacts conveyor components. A splice made from a larger

wire diameter offers greater strength and abrasion resistance.

Reference the “Wire Diameter” column on the chart on page 4.

Choose a hook with a wire diameter that best suits your needs.

5. Select style.

Choose between welded and carded fasteners based on your

application requirements.

6. Select material.

Refer to the material selection chart on page 2 for the metal

characteristics which best suit your application. Not all sizes

and styles are available in all metals.

Hinge Pins

Hinge pins are the vital link that, when combined with

properly selected and installed hooks, complete the perfect splice. A wide selection of materials and sizes lets you match a hinge pin to the special needs of your application.

Production Lacers

Production Lacers are designed for high-volume production lacing. It’s the

quickest, most precise method of installing wire hooks. As the lacer jaws

contact the hooks, the hook points penetrate the belt at the ideal angle,

resulting in an optimal splice. Combs and Adaptors are available for all sizes

of hooks, making production lacers capable of lacing any size ANKER® hook.

All production lacers offer the continuous lacing feature which, with multiple

operations, allows the user to lace belts wider than the width of the lacer.

Flat, Low-Profile Splice Provides Strength and Durability

Anker® G Series Lacing stamped from either galvanized or AISI 316 stainless steel and then machine-applied for consistent compression, resulting in a uniform and flat splice. G Series lacing features, as an option, a staggered-leg design with four alternating leg lengths. These varying points of belt penetration provide additional strength and durability for the finished splice. Ideal for use in food manufacturing, package and parts handling, and filter media, the Anker® G Series is designed for use with PVC, PU, and PES belting.

Features and Benefits:

• Easy to install with proven Anker® maintenance and production

lacers, G Series splices are uniform and extremely low profile.

• The staggered legs on G 005, G 006, and G 008 – Series

provide for varying points of belt penetration which

increases both the strength and durability of the splice.

• The flat, continuous top bar design eliminates belt

wave and reduces the risk of dislodged fasteners.

• G Series lacing is joined with a corrugated stainless steel wire

connecting pin that prevents pin migration during use.

Recommended Applications:

• Food Manufacturing

• Filter Media

• Package and Parts Handling

G Series can be installed with:

• Anker Roller Lacer®

• Anker Microlacer®

• Anker Hydraulic Belt Lacers

(Complete series AHP, ARK, AMK, ARU, and AMU)

Solutions for On-Site Installation

of Clipper® Wire Hooks

Flexco defined quick, on-site mechanical belt fastener installation

when they pioneered Roller Lacing Technology™. This time-proven

technology allows the lacer head to be driven across the width of

the lacer while the dual rollers simultaneously and gradually install

the Clipper® wire hooks with ease and speed.

What makes the Roller Lacer®

ideal for on-site installation

of Clipper® Wire Hooks?

Flexco, Roller Lacing Technology™'ye öncülük ettiğinde hızlı, yerinde mekanik kayış bağlantı elemanı kurulumunu tanımladı. Zamanla kendini kanıtlamış bu teknoloji, çift makaralar Clipper® tel kancalarını kolaylıkla ve hızlı bir şekilde eş zamanlı ve kademeli olarak takarken bağlama kafasının bağlama genişliği boyunca sürülmesini sağlar.


Reliable Clipper® splices are typically installed

in less than 15 minutes, thanks to the wide

lacer widths and the use of Roller Lacing

Technology™. Quicker installation translates

to less downtime, greater productivity, and

increased profits.


• Portable - Made from aircraft aluminum, the lacer remains lightweight and can be easily transported directly to the

jobsite for fastener installation.

• Easy Installation - Simple installation procedures, combined with the

ability to clamp and secure the belt,

make splicing a one-person job.


With three different models to select from you

are sure to find a lacer to best fit your needs.

• Roller Lacer® Gold Class™: Ideal for customers

who either have a large number of belts in

their facility or where minimizing downtime

is crucial. This lacer offers maximum

benefits for high speed installation and

minimal operator effort through the use of

a cordless drill to drive the lacer head and

other features. Available in 24”, 36”, 48”, and

60” widths (600, 900, 1200, 1500 mm).

• Roller Lacer®: A great choice for customers

with wide belts who desire quick, on-site

installation. Available in 24”, 36”, 48”, and

60” widths (600, 900, 1200, 1500 mm).

• Microlacer®: This 14” (350 mm) lacer is

ideal for users with narrow belts

or for low volume users.

Roller Lacer® features:

Face Strip Design:

Face Strips have been redesigned with a solid bottom layer. This 3-layer design

eliminates the need for locking levers and back-up bars necessary with previous

models. This has removed installation steps and improved the reliability of the lacer

by eliminating two common wear items.

Belt Clamp Design:

The inner clamp beam features a

textured grip surface and when

clamped it helps push the belt toward

the Face Strip to allow proper

hook reachback.

Face Strip Storage:

Extruded slots in the lacer housing

provide a secure yet easy to access

storage location.

Roller Shaft Diameter:

The larger diameter shaft provides

the necessary support for the rollers

to fully embed the hooks into the belt

for a long-lasting splice.


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