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The radar that changed the industry

IBIS-ArcSAR has set new standards in the mining industry, and with its outstanding performance has become the technological solution that leads and inspires the slope monitoring market. IBIS-ArcSAR is designed for fast deployment and robustness to ensure the highest safety standards to manage risk conditions with confidence. Whether it is a strategic or tactical positioning, IBIS-ArcSAR delivers unprecedented performance and data quality to make critical decisions.

Maximized flexibility for the life of mine

To meet the industry’s demands for a very flexible system that can cover different mining conditions, IBIS-ArcSAR is offered in two configurations: Lite and Performance. IDS GeoRadar has always be custom tailored to match any monitoring scenario, not locking you into one solution that doesn’t meet your current needs or future challenges. The upgrade from Lite to Performance can be made at any time with just a mouse click, resulting in maximum return of the initial investment and added value for the future of the mine. 

The highest data quality for critical monitoring

We have always been convinced that hardware availability must match with highest level of data reliability to achieve effective critical monitoring at any time of the day and under all weather conditions.  IBIS-ArcSAR, with its proven 99+% hardware availability, provides outstanding data quality thanks to the unique IDS GeoRadar advanced Automatic Atmospheric Correction algorithm, result of years of development together with our customers. As a low maintenance but high-performance instrument, IBIS-ArcSAR can operate without the use of a diesel generator up to 90% of the time, thanks to its very low power consumption, extended autonomy and integrated green energy solutions (solar and wind). 


Full 360 coverage at high speed and long range

IBIS-ArcSAR is the only radar in the mining industry to provide continuous 360° scanning of pit walls with an end-to-end scan time that matches the radar acquisition time. By employing a fully rotational military-rated  slip ring technology it maximizes robustness with minimal moving parts, getting rid of unwanted exposed cabling and expensive maintenance.IBIS-ArcSAR can operate up to very long range  (5000 meters), with a very short scan time (360° in 40s; 180° in 20s) always maintaining the highest resolution with light data for the mine network. The exceptional spatial resolution defines the minimum extent of detectable area, even at high range and sub bench scale. One single radar pixel is enough to trigger an alarm, no artificial oversampling is needed to increase image definition. 

3D data with real time images

IBIS-ArcSAR is also the first complete 3D SAR radar to use the proprietary mimo antenna array and DTM automatic generation. The system also features an integrated HD panoramic camera (85 Mpx for 180° panoramic view) that provides real-time images of pit walls and instant visualization of critical areas. The integrated GNSS sensor ensures on-the-fly automatic georeferencing of the radar unit during set-up. Data quality is always guaranteed by the state-of-the art algorithm Hi-Sense for an advanced management of atmospherics and IDS GeoRadar intelligent data management system.

Integrated monitoring solution

Integrating seamlessly into the Guardian FPM360 suite, IBIS-ArcSAR can dramatically expand overlap areas of multiple IBIS radars to exploit the unique TrueVector capabilities, delivering a rich geotechnical environment. 

One solution combines radar data, prism displacement and slow movement analysis into a single versatile platform.


Quick Auto Align function - available on request 

Quick Auto Align offers a fully automated routine for quick radar map alignment and session continuation after radar re-deployment, allowing users to increase the capability to manage their monitoring projects. This tool allows a seamless continuity in Guardian projects when removing the systems from their original position and deploying them later in the same area. 


Safety Critical Monitoring

One single technology and equipment for strategic and tactical real-time monitoring with full scale coverage in time and space. One-touch project set-up.

Long-term Monitoring and Planning

Early detection of slow movements, automatic integration with Total Stations & GNSS data, and advanced geotechnical analysis tools.

Total Coverage and Flexibility

The widest field of view and highest spatial resolution for maximum flexibility and performance in all monitoring scenarios: short and long range, long wall and non in-pit facilities (tailings), with a scan time of seconds.

Multiple Information at a Glance

Enhanced data interpretation with instant HD picture of monitored area. Built-in GNSS for automatic geocoding of radar data. Real time DTM survey. 

Green Power

A combined, built-in hybrid solar – diesel generator supply system, with optional wind turbine, ensuring dramatic reduction of fuel consumption and savings on genset maintenance costs.

Reliable Data 24/7

The most advanced atmospheric correction algorithm available in the market resolving even the smallest and sudden slope movements.  Always effective in delivering the cleanest and most accurate data for real-time reliable alarming, with no user input required. 

High Availability with Low Maintenance Costs

Minimal moving parts and military proof design to guarantee robustness and maximum availability in all weather and mining conditions.

Full integration with FPM360 TrueVector

Providing seamless connection of multiple monitoring sensors (IBIS radar, TPS, GNSS) in one solution. 


  • Scan range:

  • Performance: up to 5000m

  • Lite: up to 2500m

  • Maximum coverage: 360° H x 112° V (62° V per session)

  • Scan time: 

  • Performance: 360° in 40s; 180° in 20s

  • Lite: 360° in 4min; 180° in 2min

  • Resolution: 

  • Performance: 10 million pixels for full resolution scan

  • Lite: 5 million pixels for full resolution scan

  • Integrated solar panels, diesel generator and optional wind turbine

  • 3D SAR1 and automatic DTM survey

  • Built-in HD camera1 on rotating radar head (with link to radar data)

  • Integrated GNSS

  • Operates in all weather conditions and temperatures (-20°C/-50°C2 to +55°C)

  • Fully remote operation (wireless radio link) and optimized file size for low bandwidth (<1Mbit/s)

  • Alarm generation with user-defined levels and multiple alarm criteria

  • Zero delays in data processing and alarm generation

  • Exportability of georeferenced output to mine planning software

  • Built-in geotechnical analysis tools

  • Integration in FPM360 TrueVector suite 


1 Optional for Lite

2 With optional low-temperature kit


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