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  • Azmet’s core business is the supply of Professional Engineering Design and Project Management Services.

  • Strive to provide feasible and economically viable solutions to clients.

  • Distinguishes itself by making use of the latest technologies and designs that will maximise profit and minimise cost.

  • Unparalleled safety and environmental consciousness.

Azmet offer the following services to the global metallurgical and mining sector:

  • Testwork

  • Project Studies

  • Process Plant Designs

  • Project Management

  • Project Implementation & Commissioning

  • Process Plant Evaluations

  • Project Review/Value Engineering

  • Cashflow Development and Financial Modelling

  • Process Plant Optimization and Expansions

  • Proprietary Products and Technologies

Azmet always investigate new and innovative processing methodologies with the aim to:

  • Reduce CAPEX

  • Reduce OPEX

  • Increase recoveries

  • Increase the viability and NPV of capital projects

This has led to the developed the following proprietary process technologies:

  • AZ-CRP

  • AZ-BLT

  • AZ-RLT

The following modules are available:

  • Module 1:  Carbon loading system

  • Module 2:  Acid wash and reagent system

  • Module 3:  Elution and reagent system

  • Module 4:  Electrowinning

  • Module 5:  Goldroom

  • Module 6:  Regeneration

Plants are pre-assembled including mechanicals, EC&I, piping, valves and instrumentation. This reduces site installation time.

Modules can be supplied independently, based on the client’s specific needs for expansion or replacement.


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