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  • Large breathing chamber has three springs to maintain positive pressure

  • Sensor monitoring system informs user about usage status of frozen ice canisters

  • Compressed air gauge shows O2 status/levels.

  • An audible warning is issued when the available oxygen supply drops below %25

  • When the indicator line fails, it can be manually disabled, preventing O2 loss

  • Very long battery life

  • Low maintenance cost

  • 15kg weight

  • Dimensions: 284mm x 439mm x 178mm

It is simple to change while the product is being used without interfering with breathing.

In comparison to old-style granular systems, the new disposable lime cartridge can be easily replaced. Cartridges are protected from external factors such as dust while being transported.

Constantly updates the status of the product.The main status informations that can be read by the device are oxygen status, battery status, and systems errors.

The hydration system allows user to drink water from the mask which is an important feature for fighting thirst in challenging conditions.


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