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Bond Equipment

Bond Equipment offers practical mineral beneficiation solutions to junior, mid-tier and corporate mining houses through the application of Bond's process design, plant design, manufacturing, construction and commissioning acumen. Bond also design, develop and manufacture process plants with throughput capacities of 10 tons/hour to 700 tons/hour.

Bond Equipment provides clear and detailed three dimensional drawings that are easy to follow and understand.

Bond's one-on-one approach ensures that, as a Bond Equipment client, you will be able to take advantage of groundbreaking mineral processing innovations and solutions, including:

  • Affordable modular mineral processing plants to meet the requirements of both small, mid-tier and large scale mining houses.

  • Economical and professionally engineered solutions to maximise return on investment.

  • Investors enjoy peace of mind through Bond's approach of scheduled QC interventions during the manufacturing stage.

  • One size does not fit all – Modularised mineral processing solutions are customised to suit your needs.

  • Full-house service – Complete and cost effective design, drafting, fabrication, erection and plant commissioning services ensure controlled costs and negate unforeseen expenditure.

  • Innovative metallurgical solutions. 

DMS Cyclone Plants

The DMS process involves the mixing of a pre-prepared ore stream with a dense medium or selected specific gravity (SG) in a mixing box and passing this mixture through a dense medium cyclone (DM cyclone). It is here that the separation of the high and low SG fractions of the ore occurs.

Bond's latest generation modular cyclone DMS plants offer improvement in the following areas:

  • Enhanced dense medium SG control.

  • Improved dense medium pulse ore mixing.

  • Economical dense medium recovery.

  • A separate drain and rise screen for each of the sinks and floats streams for applications with high concentrate mass yields

  • Deployment of first-class proprietary equipment in Bond's plants e.g. Warman pumps and densifiers, Eriez Magnetics drum magnetic separators, Multotec cyclones and screens, Debex SG controllers and Siemens electrical switchgear.

Bond Equipment Drum Scrubbers and Screens 

Scrubbing of an ore stream aims to dissipate lumps of sticky material in the ore to facilitate liberation of the minerals that are locked in the lumps.

Scrubbing is effected by wetting the ore and subjecting it to adequate shear and compression forces in a horizontal cylindrical drum such as a drum scrubber. This is combined with the additional efficiency of a correctly sized ‘dewatering screen’ where the pulp is removed for discard or downstream fines processing. 


Bond Equipment designs and manufactures rubber wheel-driven drum scrubbers and screens in Bond's engineering facility with a nominal throughput capacity range of 20-300 tons/hour.


  • In the case of extremely sticky ore the scrubber is equipped with a wet feed system comprising a large feed hopper with vibrating grizzly feeder and water canon for blasting the ore through the grizzly and into the scrubber.

  • Scrubber support, comprising truck wheels with durable inflated rubber tyres mounted on pedestals that are located down the length of the scrubber drum. 



  • Screens are assembled with huck bolts.

  • Equipped with stringers for fitting of polyurethane screen panels.

  • Equipped with superior quality vibrating motors. 

Bond Equipment Coal Washing Plants 

Bond Equipment designs and manufactures a generic process route description as follows:

  • The raw coal stream is prepared for washing by size reduction via a crushing circuit where it is correctly sized to suit mineral liberalisation and wash plant process throughput limits.

  • The arising fines fractions are passed through a spiral module for extraction of upgraded fines and water recovery preparation.

  • The clean coal product stream from the DMS plant is screened to produce specific size fractions as may be required by the market. Centrifuge and filter presses are installed for the removal of surface moisture and water recovery.

  • Two-stage DMS plants are supplied for beneficiation of complex ore bodies.


  • Designed to achieve the required clean coal product specifications and sizing.

  • Environmental protection is given prime importance in plant design.

  • Compliance with all relevant safety regulations applicable to the country of plant installation. 

Bond Equipment Rotary Screens

  • Bond's rotary screens are wheel-mounted which renders them relocatable along the width of the mining face.

  • A throughput capacity of 600-1200 tons/hour is achievable via 1.8m X 6m rotary screens.

  • Wet rotary screens feature water sprays mounted inside the screen drum to take care of ores with high clay content.

  • Various rotary screen sizes are available to suit clients needs. 

Bond Equipment Low Profile Grizzly Feeders

  • Low profile grizzly feeder comprises a low profile feed bin, with underlying heavy-duty belt feeder, that discharges the run-of-mine ore onto a high-capacity scalping grizzly of spiked geometry (also called a ‘finger grizzly’).

  • The compact feed bin requires a low-feed ramp and accepts direct feed from dump trucks of up to 40-ton hauling capacity.

  • The Bond Equipment low profile grizzly feeder is able to handle wet and complex run-of-mine ore streams and boasts a throughput capacity of up to 800 tons/hour.

Bond Equipment Operational Maintenance Services

  • Commissioning services.

  • Outsourced operation and maintenance.

  • HSEC (health, safety, environmental control) management.

  • Assets management.

  • Store control.

  • Purchasing control.

  • Metallurgical and processing accounting.

  • Contract management, including administration.

  • Cost control.

  • Quality control.

  • Human Resources management.

  • Operational and infrastructure maintenance.

  • Laboratory services. 


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