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CITIC HIC Equipments

Ball Mill, SAG & AG Mill

CITIC HIC manufactures all components except electric motors in its own facilities. CITIC HIC's mill design dimensions range from 1.2m diameter to 13.6m diameter and its installed power ranges up to 35,000kW. Grinding mills can be completely installed and tested in their own facilities before being shipped.

A 'Mill Development Package' is also offered, which includes the complete mill control system, temperature and vibration monitoring, oil film thickness analysis and other options to increase equipment availability.

Stirred Mills

CITIC HIC constantly continues its research and development activities in Australia and China to increase the performance of the mills they produce.

Design features/advantages of CITIC Agitated Mills;

  • Two stage planetary main gearbox design instead of two helical plus one planetary gearbox design. Two stage planetary gearbox offers 2% more efficiency.

  • Better design digging shoe for reduced scrap metal and easy replacement.nmaktadır.

  • High efficiency high starting soft start motor.

  • Solid main screw shaft.

  • Magnetic shell liners.

  • Complete in-house FEA on drive Screw and main body.

  • Hydraulic jacks to crack the main door for opening.

  • High availability of CSM Stirred media mill with low maintenance.

  • Optional control panel with PLC touch screen and with MCC.

CITIC HIC General Brochure
Download PDF • 10.34MB

CITIC HIC Grinding Mills Brochure
Download PDF • 2.30MB

CITIC HIC Stirred Mills Brochure
Download PDF • 5.06MB


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