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Cold Briquetting

We offer solutions for the production of briquettes and pellets from fine-sized or sludge by-products and waste materials to meet the technical requirements of our customers.

We design our cold extrusion and briquetting equipment specifically for our customers to process such materials.

With this technology, we offer special solutions to our customers by reducing operating costs (binding chemicals, energy costs, etc.) and producing quality products with high mechanical hardness. We create the most suitable parameters for the process by performing tests at laboratory scale or pilot plant scale with the representative sample we receive and select equipment on an industrial scale according to the test data. You can contact our company for detailed discussion.

Examples of briquetting products:

• Iron and Steel: BF powder, BF sludge, DRI fines, pellet fines, mill scale, EAF powder…

• Coal: Fine anthracite grains, fine coal grains, filter press sludge, lignite, coke grains…

• Mining: Iron ore concentrate, manganese concentrate…


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