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DigiDEM brings a brand new solution to the time and precision lost with old methods in the industry.

DigiDEM provides data with a sensitivity of 1 in 1000, where you can enter solid and liquid specific gravity and instantly get % solid and pulp density results.

Switchable liquid specific gravity can be taken into account thanks to DigiDEM's microcontroller-based measurement system, so you can get much more accurate data from every measurement.

With the bright LED screens used in DigiDEM's interface, you can easily obtain your results in any working environment, regardless of whether it is dark or bright.

With its simple and functional interface, it allows you to focus on your work without getting lost in complex menus.

It is very easy to get tare. Whenever you need, you can complete your tare process with a single click.

DigiDEM provides a battery life of up to 1500 readings with its electronic design developed taking into account low power consumption.

In addition, thanks to AA type batteries that you can easily find everywhere, you can continue using your device without having to worry about charging or searching for batteries.

Technical Specifications

Product Size: 182x140x52 mm

Product Weight: 780 g

Weight Capacity: 5kg

Battery Type: AA (4 pcs)

Battery Life: Up to 1500 measurements

Solid and Liquid Specific Gravity Accuracy: 0.001

Measurement accuracy: ±1kg/m3

Measurement units: kg/m3, lb/ft3, slug/ft3

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