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Dust Control Systems


Dry-Fog dust supression system, thanks to the 1-10 μm fog droplets created by ultrasonic, air atomizer nozzles, agglomerates particles of 2.5 - 10 μm in size and allows them to precipitate without wetting the material;

  • Low water consumption from 13 l/h to 51 l/h

  • Less than 0.1% material moisturization

  • No damage to belt and other equipment

  • It does not freeze in cold weather conditions.

  • Works with filtered water and air

  • No risk of high pressure


The special polyester fabric of DustTamer wind systems is resistant to UV rays, bad weather and extreme temperatures. It provides more than 75% wind blocking. Significant savings in its use compared to warehouse building installation ya􀆨rımına. The reason why DustTamer gives better results than ka􀆨 structures is that 30%-50% of the air in the environment passes through the special fabric. In this way, the pressure difference in the two regions is equalized.


Dust problem is a problem frequently encountered in material transportation with belt conveyor system at dumping points, on dirt roads. Pressurized water becomes a fine-grained fog through nozzles. Thanks to the air flow created by the powerful fan effect, the fog is sprayed to the source of the dust. The resulting fog traps the dust particles and bas􀆨rır. The basic design of the dust bas􀆨rma system with two different models and a 3-wheeled rotating chassis with an impact range of 30-40 meters and 50-60 meters:

  • Rotary fan

  • Jet fog nozzles

  • Body with rotation angle between 0-350°

  • Filter unit

  • Pump and electrical circuit contact


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