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Eriez - Crossflow Separator

Eriez’ CrossFlow Separator is a highly efficient hydraulic classifier for the separation of material based on particle size, shape and/or density. This technology can also be used for desliming, counter-current washing and acid neutralization of minerals.

The CrossFlow separates particles based on hinderedsettling principles providing an economical and efficient means of classifying material such as silica and frac sands, mineral sands and industrial minerals.

Ores containing a mixture of high- and low-density components can also be upgraded based on their difference in specific gravity. Examples include iron ore, and heavy mineral with silica contamination and run-of-mine coal containing various ash forming components such as rock and pyrite.

Applications include:

  • Sizing and Classification

  • Density Separation and Concentration

  • Washing and Neutralization of Minerals

Unlike traditional teeter-bed technologies, the Eriez CrossFlow uses a unique “tangential” feed presentation system to introduce feed into the top of the separation chamber. This novel approach can provide unit capacities up to three times that of a conventional classifier and eliminates particle misplacement caused by excessive feed volume and plant fluctuations.

In the CrossFlow, feed particles descend against a rising flow of teeter water established by a uniform system of water injection pipes located in the base of the main separator housing. Based on the settling characteristics of the ore and the water addition rate, a fluidized bed of solids is established in the separator.

Particles with a low settling velocity (fine/low density) that cannot penetrate the teeter bed are carried over the top of the separator with the bulk of the fluidizing medium. Particles with a high settling rate (coarse/ high density) settle through the fluidized bed and are eventually discharged at a high solids content through the underflow control valve.

CrossFlow Features

  • High capacity

  • Precise, efficient classification

  • Improved efficiency with fluctuating and/or dilute feed streams

  • Easy, on-line cut-point control using true density measurement

  • Fully automated discharge control system

  • Dewatering cone for consistent underflow discharge characteristics

Eriez Crossflow Separator
Download PDF • 3.84MB


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