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Flexco Pour Point Impact Bearings

DRX™ 3000 Dynamic Beds

Flexco’s DRX™ 3000 Dynamic Beds are designed with one simple goal: protect the belt. How we meet that goal is revolutionary. We’ve engineered superior belt protection into the entire structure - not just the bars. Sturdy components, robust construction and convenient maintenance make our line more durable and efficient. DRX 3000 takes this theory to the extreme with Impact Energy Absorbers that react to the most severe loads.

Features and Benefits

• Protect the belt. The Velocity Reduction Technology™, including Impact Bar Supports and the Impact Energy Absorbers, ensure a level of protection unlike any other. Less belt wear and damage, less rebounding and material degradation, and two levels of impact absorbing force reduction.

• Application specific options. Perfect for the most rugged, heavy-duty drop zones at any facility, the DRX 3000 can meet your specific needs.


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