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IBIS-FB is a revolutionary remote monitoring system, designed to support the assessment of mine blasting. From remote distances, the IBIS-FB safely monitors blast-induced ground vibrations. Using this innovative radar technology helps mines control the impact both on the pit and nearby structures.

Using microwave interferometry technology, IBIS-FB accurately measures remote broad areas for ground vibrations. After every single blast IBIS-FB measures a range of performance indexes at multiple points from remote distances, without the need to physically place any sensor or marker on the slope.


  • Flexible mobility and quick set-ups

  • Range resolution (up to 1 m)

  • High sampling frequency (up to 200 Hz)

  • Long scan range (up to 1 km)

  • Broad area coverage (100 X 100 m2 at 1 km)

  • High measurement accuracy (0.5 mm/s)

  • External battery pack

  • Highly durable operates in all weather conditions and temperatures (-30 °C to 55 °C);

  • Built-in accelerometer removes the bias produced by induced vibrations on the radar


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