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MMD Sizers

Basic concept of MMD Sizer, is the use of two rotors with large teeth, on small diameter shafts, driven at a low speed by a direct high torque drive system. This design produces three major princibles which all interact when breaking materials using Sizer Technology; The Three-Stage Breaking Action, The Rotating Screen Effect, and The Deep Scroll Tooth Pattern which allows material to distribute over crushing section.

MMD Sizers;

  • Shaft center width varying between 500 – 1500 mm,

  • Feeding capacities reaching 15,000 tons/hour,

  • Ability to process material up to volume of 3 m3,

  • Engine power options between 75 – 400 kW,

  • Ability to work on moist-sticky and/or hard-dry materials,

  • Weights between 12 – 160 tons,

  • Maximum 3000mm material feed, minimum 50mm product dimensions

  • Reduction ratio 1:5,

  • It has general features such as providing sizing solutions for 70 different minerals in the cement, mining, construction, energy, industrial minerals sectors.

MMD Sizers Advantages

  • Lightweight and takes up little space thanks to its compact size

  • Possibility of use underground thanks to its small size

  • Less power consumption (5 times less than jaw and gyrator crushers)

  • Creating less dust

  • Cubic shaped product production

  • Mobile, semi-mobile and fixed usage options

  • Ease of maintenance and operation

  • Long-lasting special cast crusher teeth

  • Easy maintenance and parts replacement thanks to welded or bolted teeth

MMD Brochure
Download PDF • 10.14MB


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