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Pneumat Systems BIN-WHIP Silo Cleaning Systems


The Pneumat BinWhip is a unique machine, developed to clear blockages in silos without entering the silo.

BinWhip's telescopic arms are combined with very robust hydraulic hoses and cleaning head. The flexible whip tips cut through the hardest belts without damaging the silo wall. Personnel never enter the silo and can adjust the position of the cleaning head very easily by moving the BinWhip arms up and down, left and right.

Problems inside the silo, such as clogging, blockage and funneling, hinder the efficiency of the silo and the flow of product. BinWhip eliminates difficulties and reduces production costs. It solves the flow problem immediately, minimizes time loss, prevents loss of work by ensuring that personnel work in a safe environment. Results are easily measurable. BinWhip works with hydraulic power, which means more power, better control and less expense. The hydraulic cleaning head is a part that transfers a lot of power, is safe, easy to control and does not damage the silo wall. It does not need compressed air during its use. So there is no need for air compressors when BinWhip is working.

Since BinWhip operates at the top of the silo, there is no need for personnel to enter the silo and it prevents hazards arising from working in insufficient space inside the silo. Since BinWhip can be easily disassembled into pieces, it can be brought to portable dimensions, so that it can be easily transported and installed from silo to silo. BinWhip works in silos of all sizes, from coal silos of 2.5 m in diameter and 2 m in height to cement silos of 17.0 m in diameter and 46.0 m in height. Binwhip brings the silos back to 100% capacity. If the material is reusable, it is also recovered.

BinWhip is used effectively with all materials;

catalyst, pigment, cement, plastic, clay, powder, coal, salt, coke, fertilizer, sawdust, volatile, ash, slag, lime, soda ash, gravel, soy flour, gypsum, talcum powder, paper pulp, wheat, wood, wood pulp, concentrated ore, coarse ore, minerals, industrial raw materials etc.


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