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PSP Equipments

KDC Cone Crusher

A new compact cone crusher series KDC has been developed by PSP Engineering as an innovation to the existing KDH crushers. In PSP's tests and field studies, the KDC series can reach high capacity values while providing lower operating costs, high reliability and simple maintenance and operation. The capacity of KDC crushers is 30 - 800 tons/hour. Each crusher size can be supplied in several variants that vary according to the dimensions of the inlet opening. The crushers are equipped with a hydraulic system that allows effortless adjustment of the product outlet opening and easy emptying of the crushing section against clogging problems. Crusher internal parts protect the machine from damage caused by overloading or passing a non-breakable part. Hydraulic cone crushers KDC are used for secondary and tertiary crushing of hard, abrasive, non-cohesive materials with strengths up to 400 MPa, such as quartz, granite or basalt. KDC crushers are usually supplied with a common frame and drive mounted on rubber springs to reduce dynamic loads on the supporting structure beneath the crusher.

DCJ and DCD Jaw Crusher

PSP Engineering supplies jaw crushers, which are mainly used for primary crushing of all types of aggregates and ores and building materials such as reinforced concrete, construction rubble, bricks and asphalt blocks. Jaw crushers are produced in types and capacity sizes ranging from a few tons to 1000 t/h.

Impact Crusher

It can be used in secondary and tertiary crushing stages. The material is broken by impacts on rotating rods and fixed plates. Reverse ODJ crushers are equipped with vertical material feed directly into a rotor and impact plate on both sides of the rotor. The advantage of this design is that the shape index is very good (bi3 < 20%) and the degree of crumbling is high. By breaking apart along natural cleavage planes, the final product contains minimal cracks with no residual stress.

Hammer Crusher

PSP Engineering supplies hammer crushers for crushing soft and medium hard materials such as limestone, gypsum, slate, burnt lime, bituminous coal and other materials with similar properties. Hammer crushers of a wide range of capacities can be found in the cement industry, where ball mills are part of grinding plants, in desulfurization lines, and in lines producing gypsum mixtures.

DVZ and DVR Roller Crusher

DVZ and DVR roll crushers are mainly used for crushing slag from power plants or heating plant boilers. DVZ and DVR crushers are mounted directly behind the slag discharger at the bottom of the boiler. The design of these crushers can be modified for wet or dry slag storage. DVZ and DVR breakers operate in humid and dusty environments. DVZ crushers are crushers with toothed rollers for primary crushing of slag with material output size up to 30 mm. DVR crushers are equipped with smooth or grooved rollers for final product up to 5 mm.

Vibrating Screens EDT-N and EDT-2N

Vibrating screens EDT-N and EDT-2N are used for final screening of non-sticking ores into 2 or 4 fractions. Screens can be equipped with a block of direct-current braking of electric motors to reduce oscillation during shut down after electricity cut-off. The direct-current breaking permits accelerated transitioning through the critical area thereby eliminates unfavorable resonance effects during start up and shut down. The screens are supplied independently or as semimobile units.

Vibrating Grate-plate Feeders PVR

Vibrating grate-plate feeders are used for the continuous feeding of lumpy, grained and bulk materials from the hopper to the working equipment or onto subsequent transporting equipment or crushing equipment. The feeders are suitable for raw material treatment.

Apron Feeders

Apron feeders are used for continuous feeding or volume dosing of lump or grain materials with the temperature of which is up to 200 °C. Feeders CPLP are designed for material of a smaller grain size – already crushed. Feeders CPLD and CPLDT are used especially for feeding coarse-grain and lump fractions in process lines of material treatment plants and

primary crushing plants.

PSP Crushing - Screening General Catalog
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