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Vibrating Feeders

VTP Vibrating Screening Feeders and VP Feeders

VTP vibrating screening feeders and VP feeders are used to feed rock to crushers by partially screening the fine material during feeding. VTP and VP feeders can be equipped with a frequency converter allowing continuous regulation of capacity. The feeders are well suited for mobile and semi-mobile units. The semi-mobile feeder is fixed at the bottom of the segmented frame. The equipment is equipped with skids for easy transportation to the desired location in the field without requiring installation.

PVR Vibrating Grate-Plate Feeders

Vibrating grate plate feeders are used to continuously feed lumpy, granular and bulk materials for transfer from the hopper to the next equipment operating as a crusher. The feeders are suitable for processing raw materials.

Apron Feeders

Apron feeders are used for continuous feeding or volumetric dosing of lump or granular materials with temperatures up to 200 °C. CPLP feeders are designed for milled smaller grain size materials. CPLD and CPLDT feeders are used specifically to feed coarse material in the process lines of primary crushing plants.


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